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A new approach to wealth management

It‘s Not How Much You Make,
It‘s How Much You Capture


Latin noun |\‘syn.di.kus\

Syndicus is Latin for syndicate - a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest

Syndicus Financial was founded on the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its separate parts. For individuals, this means taking a global look at their financial picture and understanding the synergy of how protection, assets, and cash flow interact with each other to achieve greater results.

For business owners, it is understanding how the business and personal planning interact, and the tools that span employee retention to executive strategies. It is ensuring that all of the team is on the same page including tax, legal, and financial advisors.

We believe that financial planning is not about seeing each financial component as a separate component, but rather how these individual pieces interact with each other to protect you, your family, and your business, how to grow wealth in a sustainable manner, and how to provide for your lifestyle in retirement.

Proudly Serving

Individuals and Families

We help individuals and families grow, manage, and protect their assets through comprehensive financial planning. We take pride in helping people understand their financial opportunities so they can make wise decisions that are in alignment with their goals and tolerance to risk.

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Business Owners

We provide innovative, comprehensive planning strategies to help business owners grow, manage, and protect what they‘ve worked so hard to create.

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Attorneys & Their Clients

Financial planning for attorneys is more complex than most other professionals. It takes a lot of time to build a successful law practice, and that means your own needs are often left on the back burner.

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